SuperSat Process Tour

1. The SuperSat® tank

The patented SuperSat® tank provides a continuous supply of alkaline builder solution, using the cheapest thing on your property — your water.

The solution is the builder source for all your detergent needs: Tire Cleaner, Presoak, High Pressure Wash, Foaming Detergents, and more.

As the solution is used, the water supply is replenished automatically and new powder is brought into solution automatically.

Absolutely no measuring is required — extra powder in the tank creates a long-lasting reserve that is used as needed by the system

2. SuperSat® Surfactants

Our surfactant concentrates are specially formulated for each application: Tire Cleaner, Presoak, High Pressure Wash, Foaming Detergents. Because each specific cleaning challenge is different.

Our Tire Cleaner has powerful solvents to attack brake dust. Our Presoak is formulated to break the bonds between road film and the vehicle surface. And our Foaming Detergents provide the “suds and show” your customers love to see.

3. Custom Detergents

Here’s where it all comes together: either in your soap tank, or directly injected into the washing process.

The dual eductor valve combines the alkaline builder solution with the surfactant in the proper ratio and dilutions to make a great detergent.

The dual valve contains removable orifice tips so you can customize either the alkali or the surfactant levels to suit your needs. Or adjust them both — you’re in control.