SuperSat Powders

We’ve overcome the limitations of conventional liquids and powders — That’s the SuperSat® Advantage

Why are formulated detergents less than ideal? Liquids are convenient, but contain up to 85% water, which drives costs up:

  • increased manufacturing and packaging costs associated with larger volumes of product
  • added freight costs to ship water

Concentrates and Ultras are lower in water, right? Yes but even these products contain 50-70% water. And concentrates inherently face tradeoffs in performance and cost.

What about formulated powders? Powders seem cost effective, but the true costs get masked:

  • Frequent dosing, mixing and monitoring
  • Use of fillers to carry surfactants or simply to add volume — some products contain up to 50% fillers
  • Powders must be used at higher doses to achieve good surfactant and foaming action

Only SuperSat® can deliver 100% active detergent ingredients