SuperSat Advantage

We’ve overcome the limitations of conventional liquids and powders — That’s the SuperSat® Advantage

  • Better Cleaning:
    SuperSat’s unique process and chemistry produces a detergent that offers a “step change” in increased cleaning over any other detergent.
  • Cost Savings:
    At equal activity levels, SuperSat typically offers 50% savings over conventional detergents.
  • Unparalleled cost effectiveness:
    Combining superior cleaning and low use costs, SuperSat offers unparalleled cost effectiveness.
  • Superior touchless cleaning:
    SuperSat really stands out in touchless cleaning applications where the chemical must do most of the work in removing soils.
  • Beats powders and liquids:
    SuperSat is far more convenient and efficient than powders and liquids.
  • Saves space:
    SuperSat requires far less space to store, handle, and ship compared to most detergents because it lacks fillers – for example, SuperSat requires 20% of the space of normal liquids.
  • Adjustability in cleaning and foam:
    SuperSat is the only detergent where foaming levels and cleaning levels can be adjusted independent of one another.
  • Safe cleaning:
    SuperSat is not acid based or high pH dependent. SuperSat uses a highly effective chemistry that is relatively mild in comparison to other detergents. The cost effectiveness of SuperSat allows for a high quantity of this cleaner to be applied for best in class results.
  • Simple:
    The SuperSat System is very simple to use … just put the powder in the tank and hook up our surfactant and stand back while the process makes detergent using your water!
  • Identifies the different wash stages:
    In self-serve applications, SuperSat’s strong visual presence makes it clear to customers when a switch from one product to another has been made … bright yellow tire cleaner, rich foaming red presoak, high foaming high pressure soap, and high sudsing pink bubble brush that keeps them washing.
  • Fragrances add extra customer appeal:
    SuperSat offers a fragrance option. Unlike other fragrance soaps SuperSat has lots of power. Why? Because SuperSat separates into two components and avoids compatibility problems between detergent and fragrances – this allows us to keep the fragrance cleaners strong unlike other fragrance soaps.
  • Long lasting:
    SuperSat lasts a long long time. A fully charged SuperSat unit with only 4 units of chemical is equivalent to 4-5 55 gallons drums of a typical liquid detergent.