SuperBlend Products

  • A full line of high quality detergents and protectants at catalog prices
  • Contains high quality ingredients like soil-removing alkaline builders and solvents and surfactants that foam, clean and shine.
  • Manufactured at Regional Blend Centers throughout the United States and Canada to minimize shipping and labor costs.
Product User Description
Conveyor Self Serve In-bay Automatic Reclaim Friendly

SB Presoak with Fragrance

A high alkaline detergent with a mulberry scent that provides cleaning power and foaming for presoak applications.  It is highly effective in removing dirt and grime without scrubbing.
SB Purple Presoak
A high alkaline presoak with a grape scent and thick purple foam.
1668 SB Low pH Presoak      •    •       • A high strength acid presoak that removes mineral type scales and soils.
1670 SB Automatic Presoak       • Designed specifically for in-bay automatics. It is highly effective in removing dirt and soil quickly with a great cherry scent.
SB HP Detergent
Has a strong cherry scent and high foaming action that rinses away easily.  This detergent works especially well in aself serve application.
 1681 SB HP Cream- Orange      •    •       • A high foaming, high pressure detergent in a great orange scent.
 1682 SB HP Cream- Vanilla      •    •       • A high foaming, high pressure detergent in a great vanilla scent.
 1685  SB Bay Wash      •    •      •     • A high pressure detergent with high foaming action that rinses away easily and is non corrosive.
 1662 SB Tire and Wheel Cleaner with Fragrance      •    • A high alkaline product with an evergreen scent loaded with solvents to remove stubborn brake dust. It also provides engine degreasing.
 1663 SB Tricolor Foam and Conditioner (Red, Yellow, Blue)      •    •      • Produces a rich, thick foam that customers will love.  This product can be used as a foam brush or in splatter gun applications and is available in red, yellow and blue.
 1664 SB Clearcoat Protectant      •    •      • A high quality cherry scented protectant that outshines and outlasts other clearcoat protectants.
 1665 SB Drying Agent      •      • A premium drying agent that forms beads of water for faster drying.
 1667 SB Total Car Protectant      •    •      • Creates a strong bond to the entire car and gives excellent protection to the car’s surface with a pleasant lemon fragrance