Rust-Oleum Certified Products

Total Car Protectant

A total car protectant with UV protection, that bond fully with glass, chrome, rubber plastic and paint.

Clearcoat Protectant

The latest is polymer protection, a technology that outshines other clearcoat protectants.

Carnauba Wax

A tricolor conditioner and wax all in one. Infused with carnauba wax for the long lasting shine, softness and protection.

Undercarriage Protectant

Designed to clean & protect your car’s undercarriage from rust, dirt, salt and grime.

Rust Hot Wax Carnauba Logo

Hot Wax with Carnauba

A high foaming polish infused with carnauba wax to give vehicles an exceptional hand waxed softness and long lasting shine. Provides exceptional show! Ideal for foaming arches.