New Products

SuperSmart RMS 3.0

SuperSmart RMS  Generation 3.0 is here!  Gen 3.0 provides real time information on chemical inventories and usage per vehicle. All information is available online on your computer or mobile device.

Molten Shield 4 Step Process

A revolutionary 4 step paint sealant process! Blendco’s New 4 step Rust-Oleum  certified process.

Molten Bath– A groundbreaking new presoak formula.
Molten Bright– Low pH detergent formulated to clean and shine and aid the drying process.
Molten Cure– A revolutionary new step in washing that “cures” the paint & glass for optimal wax/clearcoat adhesion.
Molten Seal– The next generation in clearcoat & body protection with proprietary shine enhancers that give the car “pop”!

Rust-Oleum Certified Products

Take the RUST off your ticket average with Blendco’s line of Rust-Oleum certified products!
Total Car Protectant– A total car protectant with UV protection, that bond fully with glass, chrome, rubber, plastic & paint.
Clearcoat Protectant– The latest in polymer protection, a technology that outshines other clearcoat protectants.
Undercarriage Protectant– Designed to clean & protect you car’s undercarriage from rust, dirt, salt and grime.
Carnauba Wax– A tricolor conditioner and wax all in one. Infused with Carnauba Wax for the long lasting shine, softness and protection.
Hot Wax w Carnauba- A high foaming polish infused with Carnauba Wax to give vehicles an exceptional hand waxed softness & long lasting shine. Provides exceptional show! Ideal for foaming arches.

Red Rhino Rust-Oleum Certified Glass Cleaner Towelettes

Our pre-moistened towels remove film, haze, smears and smoke for driving with no glare. Superior performance! Each packet contain (2) premium cloth towels.
Sold in cases of (200) packs


Tunnel Vision Drying Agent Gen II

TV Drying Agent Gen II is highly concentrated and gives an instantaneous water break. Water sheets of the car quickly for a drier end result. Contain a proprietary polymer and sheeting agent which Blendco discovered, that gives the product superior performance at the wash.