Molten Shield

Blendco’s New 4 Step Process! Blendco Innovation at its finest!



Blendco’s patented SuperSat Custom Detergent System is an ingenious two-component detergent process that delivers powerful cleaning performance. The SuperSat unit automatically mixes our specially formulated detergents on-site using your water. The SuperSat system allows detergents to be tailored specifically to suit the needs of your wash.


Tunnel Vision®

Tunnel Vision offers the best in reclaim-friendly chemistries throughout the lines. Tunnel Vision adapts SuperSat Chemistry with a new easy rinsing base and super-strong wheel cleaning surfactants.


Other Blendco Products

Blendco offers a wide range of products to suit your car wash needs. From tire and wheel cleaner, high-pressure wash and foaming detergents to drying agents, polishes and protectants, and pet shampoos.

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Blendco’s line of SuperBlend products offers a full line of car wash detergents and protectants at a price per pail that beats anyone. Blendco brings low costs through an innovative Regional Blend Center approach that brings the manufacturing of the products to your backyard.



SuperSmart RMS provides real time information on chemical inventories and usage per vehicle. All information is available locally on a monitor or online on your computer or mobile device.

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Blendco’s patent pending SuperClear System cleans and deodorizes water through chemistry instead of filters, ozone generators or UV systems. The result is exceptionally clean water to be reused in the wash cycle.