Blendco Systems Introduces the new SuperClear™ Water Treatment System

Bristol,Pennsylvania—Blendco Systems, a division of DuBois Chemicals, is pleased to introduce the new patent-pending SuperClear™ Water Treatment System.

Blendco has developed a better way to treat and reuse water without the complications of filters, ozone generators, or UV systems. Thenew SuperClear System uses chemistry to clean and deodorize the water. SuperClear utilizes a proprietary blend ofcoagulants and flocculants developed in our DuBois water treatment businessthat are highly effective and unique in returning water to a clean and reusablestate. SuperClear harnesses water’s natural ability to drop out dirt andcontaminants and exponentially accelerates the process through the use ofchemistry and simple, reliable, cost effective equipment. The water that results from this process isclearer and cleaner than water generated from other water treatment methods.The treated water can then be reusedfor high pressure blasters, rinses, presoak, prep soap, tire and wheel cleaners,tricolor conditioners and clearcoat protectants. Most importantly, the equipment utilized inthe SuperClear process is simple and reliable- taking virtually all maintenanceout of the equation of reusing water.

“I am using SuperClear with much success, and I have used and seen many other types of water treatment systems. This product is genuinely unique- my water is so clearthat I have had to make a policy of not drinking opened bottles of water at mywash for fear of drinking sampled water from my SuperClear tank!” says oneSuperClear user.

Blendco offers two SuperClear models: SuperClear 200 and SuperClear 500. The SuperClear 200 is recommended for most carwashes while theSuperClear 500 is recommended for truck washes and very high volume carwashes.

For more information, please contact a Blendco representative at 800-446-2091.

Company Description: Blendco Systems manufactures and supplies a full line of detergents, polishes and protectants for the transportation cleaning industry, including the patented SuperSat® Custom Detergent System. Blendco has been providing innovative and environmentally sound detergent solutions for more than 35 years. Blendco is a division of DuBois Chemicals, a leader in sustainable cleaning solutions since 1920.