A Better Way to Reclaim and Treat Water

Blendco's patent-pending SuperClear System cleans and deodorizes water through chemistry instead of filters, ozone generators or UV systems. The result is exceptionally clean water to be reused in the wash cycle.

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Blendco's Got Tunnel Vision

To outclean the competition, your tunnel needs a professional line of carwash products as focused as you are. That's why we say: "Blendco's Got Tunnel Vision."

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For that Hand Waxed Softness and Shine!

RedRhino Hot Wax with Carnauba creates a soft and shiny surface for a difference you can really feel!  This high foaming polish is infused with carnauba wax to give cars a hand waxed softness and shine.

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Check Our New Product: Super Smart!

SuperSmart RMS provides real time information on chemical inventories and usage per vehicle. All information is available locally on a monitor or online on your computer or mobile device.

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Become a Cleaner and Greener™ Certified Car Wash!

Blendco's Cleaner and Greener™ program allows operators to distinguish their washes as environmentally friendly locations. Blendco's highly concentrated products reduce packaging, reduce waste, and consume less energy to manufacture and to ship. Furthermore, the products offered are reclaim-friendly and meet or exceed all regulatory compliance standards.

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About Us 
Blendco Systems manufactures and supplies a full line of transportation cleaning products, including formulated powder and liquid carwash detergents, patented SuperSat® Custom Detergent Systems and RedRHINO® sealants and protectants. Blendco Systems has been providing the professional carwash industry with innovative carwash detergent solutions for more than 35 years. Blendco Systems is dedicated to providing you with the very best in car wash products to take you where you want to go- putting out cleaner cars faster and improving your bottom line. Blendco Systems is a division of DuBois Chemicals, a leader in sustainable cleaning solutions since 1920. 

"SuperSat products last much longer, there is a big difference in the "show" of the products & most importantly, they clean exceptionally well. The best products I have encountered in the 26 years I've been in the car wash business." -R Hamilton, Hamilton Holdings Ltd.  More...

Rust-Oleum Certified Products from Blendco

The Best Name in Car Washing Just Got Better!
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