Tunnel Vision®

  • Products specifically designed for friction tunnel applications
  • Complete line of highly concentrated products from front to finish
  • Compatible with water reclaim systems
  • Eco-friendly
  • Specifically designed for easier rinsing and faster,complete drying
  • Adapts to Blendco's famous SuperSat® System

Tunnel Vision® Alkaline

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Tunnel Vision® Alkaline Powder

SuperSat-based tunnel formulation delivers strong cleaning power that rinses easily for a spot free car.  Combines with Tunnel Vision liquids to create custom tunnel detergents. 

Presoaks & Detergents

ConveyorSelf ServeIn-bay AutomaticReclaim Friendly

Tunnel Vision® Prep Soap

Get a good jump on cleaning with Tunnel Vision Prep Soap.  Good foaming and fragrance through high pressure guns.  Has a pleasant grape fragrance. 

Tunnel Vision® Presoak

Apply with TV Alkaline Powder to break soils free.  Compatible with direct injection systems and provides a nice foaming show from the presoak arch.  Has a pleasant mulberry fragrance. 

Tunnel Vision® Body Shine Presoak

Low pH presoak shines chrome and glass.  Absolutely no hydrofluoric acid or HF precursors used- ever!

Tunnel Vision® Mitter Lube (B,R,Y)

Provides vehicle cleaning while providing needed lubricity to mitters and wraps to resist dragging, squeaking and grabbing. 

Tunnel Vision® Low pH Mitter Lube

This low pH version of Mitter Lube provides benefits of a low pH detergent and helps improve rinsing and drying.   

Tire and Wheel Cleaners

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Tunnel Vision® Wheel Cleaner

Simply the best alkaline wheel cleaner on the market.  Apply at high alkalinity with Tunnel Vision Alkaline Powder to put a like-new shine back on wheels.  Lemon fragrance. 

Drying Agents

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Tunnel Vision® Drying Agent

TV Drying Agent gives the fastest drying and leaves high gloss on the paint. 

Special Applications

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Tunnel Vision® Bug Remover

For use in low pressure bug remover applications.  Provides a unique blend of ultimate wetting surfactant to soften bugs for removal. 
1488 Tunnel Vision® SB2 Tire Gloss      A solvent-based tire shine and protectant that provides long-lasting shine and protection with even application and no sling.  Thinner formula that is ideal for spray applications.

Tunnel Vision® Undercarriage Treatment

Undercarriage wash for conveyors with rust inhibitors.
1475Tunnel Vision® Underbody Armor     Rust inhibitor and undercarriage protectant that provides a durable, long-lasting layer of protection to the undercarriage of the vehicle to prevent damaging rust and corrosion

Tunnel Vision® Water-Based Tire Gloss

Improved water-based tire shine and protectant that, when applied to wet tires, imparts a high gloss and "wet" look on tires.  Has great coverage and is less running, fast drying and durable

Tunnel Vision® Glass Cleaner

Non-streaking, amonia-free glass cleaner concentrate. 

Tunnel Vision® Towel Detergent

An improved concentrated biodegradable all-purpose laundry detergent for use in all washing machines.  Ideal for washing towels. 
1498Tunnel Vision® Window Vision     A unique glass cleaner used by infusing towels after the laundry wash cycle.  The towels are then ready to clean windows directly out of the washer with no extra window cleaner needed.

Other Blendco Products Ideal for Use Along with Tunnel Vision® Products

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Fragra Foam (R,Y,B)

A fragrance tricolor foaming conditioner for use in any tricolor application requiring rich suds, berry fragrance and conditioning properties.  Ideal for use in tunnels. 

Fragra Foam Plus (R,Y,B)

Low pH formula tricolor foaming conditioner with a pleasant cherry fragrance.


Breakthrough total car protectant with polymer film technology and Body Armor® additive to bond longer and stronger to the car's surface.  The only protectant with a    30-day guarantee. 


Color Coat (R,Y,B)

Hgh quality tricolor polish with rich foaming and wax properties.  Delivers vibrant color and a pleasant berry scent for the ultimate in show.  Ideal for splatter guns or any tricolor. 
1514Color Coat Carnauba  (R,Y,B)      Tricolor conditioner and wax all in one. Infused with carnauba wax for long-lasting shine and protection. Delivers rich foam and vibrant colors and leaves the vehicle surface soft and shiny

Rhino Sheen Clearcoat Protectant

A very high quality protectant that outshines and outlasts other clearcoat protectants.  Has a rich piña colada scent.